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Mystery Of The Ages

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About this Series

The mystery of the ages as preached by Apostle R.D. Henton gives a precise account of this unparalleled catastrophic occurences.  It also sheds light on the events leading to the rapture.  Apostle Henton warns all with explosive telling affect not to be left behind and to live "rapture ready".  Nobody will be exempt from this event as it will effect the entire planet!  A compelling invitation is given for all to accept Christ as their personal Savior and urge them to tell others.


The mystery of iniquity uncovers the schemes of Satan as it pertains to his attacks and working in the last days.  The mystery of godliness defines Christ's mission and plan of redemption.  Only two words describes this series - ANOINTED and POWERFUL!


The mysteries as revealed in the Epistles were given to the Apostle Paul.  Apostle Paul spoke of the mystery of godliness (IThess. 2:7), the mystery in iniquity (I Tim 3:16), the mystery of Christ in you the hope of glory (Col. 1:26-27), the mystery of the Gentiles (Rom 11:25), and the mystery concerning the rapture (I Cor. 15:51).  God has revealed these mysteries, or hidden secrets to His people for their benefit.

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