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There were many things Apostle Henton was known for throughout his ministry.  These nuggets are words of wisdom and key takeaways that Apostle Henton would often share.  They include some of his popular sermon titles, quotes and anecdotal sayings.

  • "He's the answer in the peasants hut.  He's the answer at the conference table, He's the answer at the crossroads of life.  Christ is the answer!"

  • "Don't die over your setbacks, get up and make a comeback."

  • "God brought you out on the wheel of time, for such a time
    as this." 

  • "I'm not a casualty, but I'm a survivor."

  • "Live, I command you to live.  For God have said in his Word, I have provided better things for you and because of this, I'm moving on, and I'm reaching for bigger and better things, in my natural and in my spiritual life."

  • "Sanctification is not a denomination.  If a church is a church at all, it should be sanctified."

  • "What God has said shall not be prolonged anymore."

  • "If you walk with God you'll arrive at your destination."

  • "When it comes to the things of God, get all you can, can all you get and then sit on the can."

  • "Walking with Jesus pays off."

  • "Why should you back down, when God is backing you up."

  • "Dark clouds hover over us and no where is there rest, but only thee Lord can save us in these dark hours of distress."

  • "If you don't have in you, that which is above you, you're gonna fall victim to the things that are around you."

  • "Faith will get you in trouble, but faith will bring you out."

  • "T for trials, H for heartaches, I for infirmities, N for necessities, G for griefs, S for sorrows, their not good, but all THINGS work together for good."

  • "He's got enough healing virtue, in the hem of his garment, to cure a thousand worlds.  He's got enough healing virtue, in his salvia alone, than all the prescription counters in town."



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