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Preserving the awards

Watch Apostle R.D. Henton share how he took the time to preserve each award and trophy he's received and how each one was personal and special to him.



"Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour."

Romans 13:7 KJV

Apostle Henton has been honored with numerous awards throughout his ministry.  These accolades recognize his continued steadfastness in the work of the Lord.  Browse a list below of the many trophies, plaques and acknowledgements given to him by ministers, churches, mayors, aldermen and statesmen.  Also explore the degrees he acquired from various colleges and churches.


October 1962 --- Certificate of License, Richard D. Henton Having Completed The Required Courses Of Study And Having Met The Requirements Of The Deliverance Evangelistic Center Inc.  Newark, NJ Arturo Skinner

October 1962 --- Credentials Of Ordination, Minister Of The Gospel, Deliverance Evangelistic Center Inc 

February 1974 --- Doctor Of Divinity, Trinity Hall College And Seminary, Springfield, Illinois

March 1987 --- Certificate Of Ordination, Member Of The Clergy, Ordained As An Apostle 

June 1990 --- Doctor Of Ministry, Logos Bible College

June 1991 --- Degree Of Doctor Of Divinity, Logos Graduate School, Tampa, FL

June 1995 --- Doctor Of Missiology, Logos Graduate School

June  1996 --- Doctor Of Pastoral Ministry, Logos Graduate School, Blytheville, AK

June 1997 --- Doctor Of Pastoral Studies, Logos Graduate School

December 1998 --- Certificate Of Consecration To Episcopacy, College Of Apostles

Morehouse College, Be It Known To All Who Look Upon This Certificate That Richard D. Henton, Has Given Time, Talent and Tender To Help Sustain The Mission And Ministry Of The Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel In Token Of Which This Encasement Is Given In Profound Gratitude, LeRoy Keith Jr. Ed.D President Of College, Lawrence Edward Carter Sr. PhD Dean Of Chapel


November 2004 --- Doctor Of Divinity, St. Thomas Christian College


1969 --- The Organizer And Founder Of The Monument Of Faith Deliverance Center, Men Of Monument


1971 --- The Rung of A Ladder Was Never Meant To Rest Upon, But Only To Hold A Man’s Foot Long Enough To Enable Him To Put The Other Somewhat Higher Continue The Success