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Preserving the awards

Watch Apostle R.D. Henton share how he took the time to preserve each award and trophy he's received and how each one was personal and special to him.



"Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour."

Romans 13:7 KJV

Apostle Henton has been honored with numerous awards throughout his ministry.  These accolades recognize his continued steadfastness in the work of the Lord.  Browse a list below of the many trophies, plaques and acknowledgements given to him by ministers, churches, mayors, aldermen and statesmen.  Also explore the degrees he acquired from various colleges and churches.


October 1962 --- Certificate of License, Richard D. Henton Having Completed The Required Courses Of Study And Having Met The Requirements Of The Deliverance Evangelistic Center Inc.  Newark, NJ Arturo Skinner

October 1962 --- Credentials Of Ordination, Minister Of The Gospel, Deliverance Evangelistic Center Inc 

February 1974 --- Doctor Of Divinity, Trinity Hall College And Seminary, Springfield, Illinois

March 1987 --- Certificate Of Ordination, Member Of The Clergy, Ordained As An Apostle 

June 1990 --- Doctor Of Ministry, Logos Bible College

June 1991 --- Degree Of Doctor Of Divinity, Logos Graduate School, Tampa, FL

June 1995 --- Doctor Of Missiology, Logos Graduate School

June  1996 --- Doctor Of Pastoral Ministry, Logos Graduate School, Blytheville, AK

June 1997 --- Doctor Of Pastoral Studies, Logos Graduate School

December 1998 --- Certificate Of Consecration To Episcopacy, College Of Apostles

Morehouse College, Be It Known To All Who Look Upon This Certificate That Richard D. Henton, Has Given Time, Talent and Tender To Help Sustain The Mission And Ministry Of The Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel In Token Of Which This Encasement Is Given In Profound Gratitude, LeRoy Keith Jr. Ed.D President Of College, Lawrence Edward Carter Sr. PhD Dean Of Chapel


November 2004 --- Doctor Of Divinity, St. Thomas Christian College


1969 --- The Organizer And Founder Of The Monument Of Faith Deliverance Center, Men Of Monument


1971 --- The Rung of A Ladder Was Never Meant To Rest Upon, But Only To Hold A Man’s Foot Long Enough To Enable Him To Put The Other Somewhat Higher Continue The Success

1972 --- Happy Birthday To Our Pastor


1972 --- For Your Love Labor And Fellowship In The Gospel, Mrs. E. E. Cleveland

1972 --- ​The Evangelist Award, Evangelist Of The Year, Pastor Roy E. Brown

February 1972 --- Christian Crusaders Thou God Seeth Me 1970

February 1977 --- Presented To A Great Man, Monument Of Faith Church #3 Harvey, Illinois Alycia Hunt- Pastor

February 1978 --- Preach The Gospel 

1979 --- The Key To The Kingdom From The Prayer Warriors, Sis Dickens

March 1981 --- Christ Is The Answer Inc Annual Award Presented To Richard D. Henton For Evangelistic Achievements Reverend W. Taylor And Peggy Sledge

June 1982 --- Effectual Door Bible College For Outstanding Achievement, The Christian Education Award 

August 1985 --- Certificate Of Appreciation, For Outstanding and Dedicated Service, Prophetess Hattie B. Jones

February 1986 --- Outstanding Work You Have Done Throughout Your Ministry Dr. Lockhart And The New Healing Temple C.O.G.I.C Family Mother Nancy Lewis State Supervisor 6th Jurisdiction

1987 --- Pastor Richard D. Henton, Live First Class, Alva Lei, Rubi Rene, Kora Kisha on Shepherd’s Day 

August 1987 --- We Appreciate You Faith Hope And Deliverance Pastor LeRoy Brown

November 1987 --- Presented To Richard D. Henton 40 yrs of Ministry And 25 yrs As A Pastor Countless Lives Have Been Touched Through You Evangelist J. R. Winston

1988 --- Inspiration And Love Award Brother Elgin

September 1989 --- Thanks For Your Friendship Love And Support To Miracle Revival Center Pentecostal Deliverance Fellowship New Foundation Celebration, Bishop Willie J. Chambliss

1990 --- Annual Shepherd’s Day David A Pope

June 1990 --- One Of The Greatest Leaders In The World, We Are Blessed To Have You, We Love And Appreciate You, BSLD Ministries


August 1991 --- The Good Shepherd Award Evangelist Rodney Lawrence Dukes The Word Is The Truth Ministry Cincinnati, OH 

August 1991 --- A Special Tribute Your Birthday Celebration Evangelist Catherine Walker Foundation For Life Evangelistic Deliverance Ministry

August 1991 --- A Commendable Clergyman Who Has Been A Five Star Blessing To Me Pastor, Educator, Evangelist, Employer and Father Your Spiritual Son, Randy Glass 


December 1991 --- Gods Champion Of The Faith Tabernacle Of Praise Family Pastor Morris And Deborah Scott

1993 --- Someone Who Cares Award, Recipient Of 1st Annual WWHN Radio 

October 1993 --- E. C Reems Award For 25 yrs Of Continuous Support To The Center Of Hope Ministries Annual Outreach Benefit Dinner

August 1994  --- Boosters Of Christ Shepherds Silver Salute Pastor Mable S. Barber

November 1994 --- In Appreciation Of Henton And The 24 Churches Of The United Faith Ministry United States, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica and South Africa 1st Missions Conference

1995 --- For Your Support And Building The Body Of Christ, New St Mark Church

February 1995 --- Presented For 31 yrs of Being A Shepherd James Lee And Cecelia Titus And Timothy Lee

June 1995 --- For Your Faithful Dedicated Service That You Have Shown To Us Beth-el House Of Prayer For All Nations Pastor Charles And Gloria Cunningham

September 1995 --- President’s Award To Richard D. Henton, William Owens- President

July 1996 --- New Nations Ministries Acknowledgement Award, The Dedicated Service and Continuous Support

August 1996 --- For Your Love, Support, Prayers and Acts Of Kindness Down Through The Years, Love Clara Edwards and Family

1997 --- To God’s Master Ministry Builder, Stay On The Wall And Don’t Come Down For God Has Strengthened Your Hands For This Great Work, Reverend Willie H. Lloyd Monument Of Faith Joliet Outreach Fellowship Conference


February 1998 --- Inspirational Network Honors Richard D. Henton For 4 yrs Of Partnership With INSP

February 1998 --- Presented To Our Spiritual Father In Whom We Honor And Esteem God’s Western Union Man- The Preaching Machine The Maranatha Christian School And Center Atlanta, GA Leonard and Mary Louise Wolfe

November 1998 --- United Faith Evangelistic Ministry, New York, Jamaica Wisconsin

November 1998 --- In Appreciation To Our Chief Apostle Congratulations On Your 50th Anniversary, Evangelist Vergea Walker, United Faith Family

1999 --- Founder’s Appreciation Award 

2000 --- Millennium Jerusalem 2000 Council State Of Israel Jerusalem Distinguished Member

February 2000 --- Reverend Rory R. Marshall Award For Outstanding Leadership Wisdom And Direction, Nehemiah Urban Church Ministries 

April 2000 --- JAM 2000 Presents, Father Of The Faith Award

September 2000 --- Your Life Has Touched So Many For All Eternity Love Pastor Johnnie G. Redmond and The Family Of Emmanuel Temple Evangelistic Church


November 2000 --- Mighty Man Of Valor Award, You Are A Man Of Incredible Strength Faith and Courage By The IUBA Canada 

September 2001 --- Interdenominational Leadership Award United States Pastors Associations Golden Eagle Awards Banquet Region IV Leadership Dr. Jerry Louder National President

November 2001 --- A Man Of Standard Award Kevin B. Powe

November 2001 --- Kevin  B. Powe Fair Award

August 2002 --- International Deliverance Outreach Ministries Pastor Linda Shearrill

November 2002 --- We Appreciate You, The Vessels Of Honor, Karen Reaves Director, Delores Braham Ceremony Coordinator, Elder A. Owens President

2005-2006 --- Richard D. Henton Has Been Listed As A Member In The National Register’s Who’s Who In Executives and Professionals 

May 2005 --- Deliverance Temple Of Faith Church International Global Vision Award Pastor Chester And Gloria Martin

June 2005 --- The United Pentecostal Churches Of Christ Honors, Annual Holy Convocation Bishop Larry D. Trotter

December 2005 --- The Gage Crusaders God’s Chosen Son Of Destiny

August 2006 --- The World’s Greatest Apostle, Spiritual Father Of The Year, Happy 73rd Birthday From Taurus Smith

October 2006 --- City Of Trenton, This Certification Of Recognition And Appreciation Is Presented To Richard D. Henton, For Your Spiritual Guidance The Community

April 2007 --- Christian Service To God And Humanity Rev Louis Boddie Award, Greater Harvest M. B. Church Elder Eric Thomas

2007 --- Chicago Senior Citizens Hall Of Fame Luminary Senior Award, Richard M Daley- Mayor Joyce Gallagher-Commissioner Chicago Dept On Aging

2007 --- N’Digo N’Faith Award 

May 2008 --- Chicago Defender First Annual Pastors Salute, Hyatt Regency

August 2008 --- Proclamation Presented By State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins, Presented 16th Legislative District

2009 --- International Leadership Award, Believers Times Ministries 

August 2010 --- Thanks For Making It Possible For The Mentors To Enjoy A Trip To Disney World, Monument Of Faith Big Brother Program, Darryl Crater 

2012 --- Gatekeepers Garden, In Appreciation Of Your Participation


June 2013 --- State Of Illinois Secretary Of State Proclamation, Pat Quinn 

July 2013  --- Pilgrim Crystal Eagle Award

July 2014 --- Henton And Wilcots Auditorium Dedication Award, Exemplary Service And Faith-Filled Commitment To The Kingdom Of God

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