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The R.D. Henton Archives is an extensive media library of well over five-thousand audio and video messages preached by Apostle Richard D. Henton.  These recordings are an extension of his outreach ministry and they range from the early 1960s to the present.   They include sermons recorded during Sunday morning worship, Sunday afternoon, Sunday broadcasts, Tuesday night anointing services and Breakthrough crusades.  The entirety of this collection is held and managed by the R.D. Henton Breakthrough Ministries.  All unauthorized use of these materials is strictly prohibited.  Contact us for any inquiries.  

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A rhema word from the Lord preached by Evangelist Richard D. Henton at the Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church in Chicago IL. This message was preached during a Tuesday night anointing service.



Archive Recording # 1 - "The Anointing"

December 13, 1977