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On December 14, 1948 at a quarter to twelve o'clock, while sitting in his division class at Wendell Phillips High School,  244 East Pershing Road, in Chicago, God spoke to a fifteen year old boy named Richard Daniel Henton and said one essential word which was destined to govern him from then on, "Preach!"  Richard did not resist, resent or reject the Lord.  Instead, he obeyed Him from that time on. 


Such an effective command had to have been voiced with sacred charisma, for the calling was not germane to the desire of Richard, why even as a youngster while running, swimming, and/or playing softball, he had entertained the thought of eventually becoming an opera singer.  True enough, he had been exposed to preaching at an early age by his mother.  She constantly took him and his other siblings to various churches.  Nonetheless, it was not until Richard had experienced salvation and had heard the heavenly command that he ventured into preaching the gospel.

The early years of his preaching ministry were characterized by intensive Bible study, ardent prayer and by a willingness to capitalize on any opportunity to preach, even though many of the churches were small.  To him, the size of the church or the congregation was unimportant.  His uppermost concern was the trumpeting of God's truth.  Richard was an avid Bible scholar.  He felt that the more he knew of God's word, the more he could say concerning the Christ.  Additionally, he believed that his Biblical knowledge would stand him in good stead whenever the storms of life raged.

Apostle Richard D. Henton has become one of the most prolific speakers of our day. He was in ministry for sixty-six (66) years and a pastor for fifty-one (51) of those years. With an approximate membership of close to five thousand (5,000), Dr. Henton was also the founder of the R. D. Henton Breakthrough Ministries and the executive producer of the Breakthrough Telecast. This weekly program has aired on systems throughout the world such as The Word Network, The Total Living Network, WJYS/TV 62 and WEDE TV34 Detroit.

The R.D. Henton Breakthrough ministry has an extensive media library of well over 6,000 audio, video, CD and DVD’s, which are a vast extension of his outreach ministry that reaches the world.

Even though Dr. Henton was a faithful pastor, he was known to many as their “TV Evangelist” and has ministered at various conferences, convocations, conventions and mass meetings for many decades in several major cities throughout America.  He has been the keynote speaker for many ministries: “The Promise Keepers”, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Azusa with Bishop Carlton Pearson, Morris Cerrullo, Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr., Rev. R.W. Shambach, and The late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson, Bishop Charles Blake, Moore House, Church of God In Christ AIM Convention and many others.

Dr. Henton has held special services in the city where he was born and raised (Chicago) with turn-away crowds after 10,000 seats were filled at the U.I.C. Pavilion.

Dr. Henton has three Doctorate of Divinity degrees and has been the recipient of numerous certificates of merit, letters from the presidents, given key to many cities by their mayors, and honored by congressman and dignitaries alike. He was the recipient of two very special awards in Chicago. (N’Digo Foundation Recipient of N’Faith Award) and (Former Mayor Richard M. Daley presented Him the Luminary Senior Citizen Hall of Faith Award).

He's the author of  several books, "I Command You To Live", "Christian Warfare", "God's Chosen Children of Destiny", "God's Masterpiece", "Armed For Spiritual Warfare", and his latest book "The Experience, Episode and Encounter of The Holy Ghost."

On Thursday, October 22, 2015 Dr. Richard D. Henton made his transition. He is truly missed by many.

Hear in his own words and get a more detailed account of the life and legacy of Apostle Henton in His Story.

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