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Healing Waters

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About this Series

I love to minister God's healing touch to people and draw practical applications from His words.  I often tell people that there are many ways to be healed.  There were three instances in the bible where God healed the waters.  When you see yourself at these waters, you can get results and deliverance will come to you.


The Waters of Marah: Exodus 15:23-25
Moses and the children of Israel journeyed in the desert and after three days came face to face with a situation where there was a great thirst among the hundreds of thousands of people.  The waters of Marah represents a place of bitterness.  God wants to heal your bitterness and make you sweet by his healing powers.


The Waters of Naught: II King 2:19-22
Some of you have been told that you are nothing or even worse worth nothing.  God has the last word for you and He desires you to prosper.  Don't let discouragement and disappointments bring you to naught.  Allow God to take you through a journey of healing and prosper your way.


The Waters of Death: Ezekiel 47:6-9
God sees the potential in you to excel, advance, thrive and live.  God has put a treasure in you.  Let him bring you out of your dead waters and move you into a production of spiritual and financial wealth.

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