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Given Over But Not Given Up

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About this Series

It is evident that our society is plagued with a sin disease.  The effect of which has had a catastrophic and devastating impact.  Men, women, boys and girls have been given over to the vices of this time, namely drugs, alcoholism, explicit music, and sexual addictions.  Many have been given up by loved ones, because seemingly it's a lost cause and they have gone beyond the point of no return, and it appears that there is no hope of restoration.  

Well friends, inspite of how impossible and hopeless the situation looks, always remember that God has the last word.  There is hope for the one that is bound.  Pastor Henton in this series of deliverance messages vividly and clearly shows how one may be given over, but not given up by God.

Jesus told his disciples in the scriptures to loose and bring a tied colt to Him because He had need of him.  (Luke 13:30-31)  Given Over But Not Given Up will show you that Jesus has come to loose you because he wants to use you for his service.

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