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Songs Of Yesteryear: A Song Album By Apostle R.D. Henton [CD]


Songs Of Yesteryear: A Song Album By Apostle R.D. Henton [CD]

  • Traditional gospel music was Apostle Richard Henton's genre of choice.  His musical influences were formed in the early 40's.  He always believed that the message in the song was more important than the musical compliment.

    Apostle Henton sang traditional gospel hymns under the anointing.  You can feel the very presence of God as Apostle Henton encourages the congregation to join with him and worship the Lord through song.  This rare collection of songs will be an added addition to your musical library. 


    1: He's Done So Much For Me (03:10)  
    2: Open Your Heart (02:07)  
    3: Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (00:50)
    4: Make a Change (02:45)  
    5: He is Everything to Me (04:06)  
    6: I Have Decided To Make Jesus My Choice (01:49)
    7: Why Should He Love Me So (00:51)  
    8: I'm Going Through (03:21)  
    9: The Storm Is Passing Over (02:42)
    10: This World is Not My Home (04:05)  
    11: What The Lord Has In Store For Me (01:34)  
    12: Hallelujah, 'Tis Done (04:48)
    13: Get Onboard (02:14)  
    14: The Blood Prevails (01:03)  
    15: He Shall Be Filled (00:51)
    16: There's Within My Heart A Melody (02:52)  
    17: I Come To Thee (01:48)  
    18: Yes Lord (01:27)
    19: Jesus Will Make It Alright (02:10)  
    20: Precious Lord, Take My Hand (01:45)    
    21: I Will Pilot Thee (01:58)
    22: He Touched Me (02:18)    
    23: I'm Going Through and Yes Lord (03:58)
    24: Get Onboard Reprise (01:30)  
    25: Yesteryear Medley (06:35)