Let's Enroll In The School Of Prayer

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About this Series

"Let's Enroll In The School Of Prayer" is simply one of the most needful and powerful messages to the body of  Christ.  In the spiritual scheme of things, no move of God, past or present is without a foundation in prayer.  I am often asked, "What is the secret or key to your success in the ministry?"  My reply has always been that without prayer it could have never been accomplished. 

At an early age God began to deal with me in fasting and prayer and as a result this ministry was born out of my "prayer closet."  I am from the "old school" which taught me that whatever achievements one may obtain, if it's not supported by a life of prayer, it won't endure the test of time.  God is calling His people to a deeper life in prayer and these series of messages were given to awaken the battle cry for prayer.  It's praying time.

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